Nothing Important + Something Maybe Important

Nothing important here, mainly I just wanted to give praise to Bitmango for giving me many hours of enjoyment over a long period of time. I really urge people to check out all their free games on the app store. This isn’t sponsored or anything like that, this was completely up to me.


Additionally, I just wanted to update anyone who reads these (anyone there?). I’m entering what will probably be my last term or two of college at MHCC and I couldn’t feel better about it (I mean I could, but who ever says they couldn’t feel better about something and actually means it?). I’ve learned plenty in such a short time and I’m really happy about the time I spent in college. I am happy I could afford college thanks to Financial Aid; I’m happy I got to delve into this area with my time at CAL (The Center for Advanced Learning) in High School; I am happy I had such great instructors to teach me about the basics and the intermediates; I’m happy I had such good help from all the resources at the college. I could thank so many more, but frankly, considering none of them are going to see this and how I can’t possibly think of all the people who deserve thanks, nor could I think of a better way TOO thank them, I figure I’ll put this out and continue on my journey to learn game development.

Thank you to everyone who deserves it. Also, feel free to take a thank you feel you deserve one if you’re reading this, you’re an awesome person as well for having found this and read through all of this.

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