Nothing Important + Something Maybe Important

Nothing important here, mainly I just wanted to give praise to Bitmango for giving me many hours of enjoyment over a long period of time. I really urge people to check out all their free games on the app store. This isn’t sponsored or anything like that, this was completely up to me.


Additionally, I just wanted to update anyone who reads these (anyone there?). I’m entering what will probably be my last term or two of college at MHCC and I couldn’t feel better about it (I mean I could, but who ever says they couldn’t feel better about something and actually means it?). I’ve learned plenty in such a short time and I’m really happy about the time I spent in college. I am happy I could afford college thanks to Financial Aid; I’m happy I got to delve into this area with my time at CAL (The Center for Advanced Learning) in High School; I am happy I had such great instructors to teach me about the basics and the intermediates; I’m happy I had such good help from all the resources at the college. I could thank so many more, but frankly, considering none of them are going to see this and how I can’t possibly think of all the people who deserve thanks, nor could I think of a better way TOO thank them, I figure I’ll put this out and continue on my journey to learn game development.

Thank you to everyone who deserves it. Also, feel free to take a thank you feel you deserve one if you’re reading this, you’re an awesome person as well for having found this and read through all of this.

A Bit of An Update

So not much has changed with the site the past few days. I just got out of college for the term however, and have been taking it easy for the start of Summer. I plan on updating the site more frequently in the future.

As well as this it should be mentioned that I’m still figuring out how this wordpress site configuration works. In the future I also intend to use my own CSS to configure the site instead of “widgets”. I should also talk about my methods of reaching me. I’m still working out the ways for my email on this site to be shown, so a better way to reach me would be through my main email,

It’s also worth noting that this is by no means a complete site at the moment, and in fact it’s less complete than the one I did in High School for an assignment ( which actually shows some of my previous work. Most of the work shown there is from then, and is mostly focused towards photography and a bit of coding.

Sorry for any inconveniences caused by this, I’ll try and work on updating this site, in the meantime take a look at my other site

Who I Am

My name is Johnathan Baune and I am a game artist. I work with game environments, character art, and concept art mainly. I have experience in other areas but the majority of my experience involves art. To see my resume click on the experience tab and download the word doc shown.